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OUR RESOURCES (1990s system)

Our networked NT operating system includes our own design work stations coupled to 21” monitors, high resolution scanner and a 17”x22” high res. plotter, and HP DesignJet 3000CP – 54” plotter.

We operate and continually develop an Intergraph Map Publishing System designed to meet our needs in routine geomatics operations as well as satisfy demand for power and flexibility in spatial analysis and in the design and creation of high resolution graphics required in the outputting of thematic map data.

The core of this system is the Intergraph MGE suite of programs complemented by the Oracle relational database and made fully functional by programs designed for data restoration and restructuring, heads-up interactive digitizing, interactive raster to vector conversion tools, air photo and satellite image processing, projection conversions, and map finishing. The engine of the system is the Bentley MicroStation program.

The system is currently being updated and upgraded to capture new advances in the technology and to increase the system's power and flexibility. The following diagram represents the new system:

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