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During the firm's existence we have successfully carried out over fifty major assignments for our clients and for ourselves as publishers. The following is a sampling of these assignments.

Isodemographic Map of Canada
A map of the people rather than a map of the territory that comprises Canada. In this concept, each person enumerated by a census is assigned an equal map space so that communities with large populations like Vancouver, Toronto and so on, occupy large areas of the map while the sparsely populated rural areas are relatively small. The project was required to demonstrate the advanced stage of urbanization in Canada and to provide a more appropriate base on which to analyze and present socio-economic information directly relating to people rather than to their territory. This work represented a breakthrough in cartographic concepts and technology and resulted in a map of Canada, large scale isodemographic maps of the largest Canadian cities and a 35-page report elaborating on the concepts and describing the project. The report was published as Isodemographic Map of Canada, Geographical Paper No 50, Information Canada, Ottawa, 1972, 1975.

Water Use in the Georgia Basin
This project was sponsored by the Department of Environment, Ottawa and focused on the water availability, consumption, water quality, volume and quality of waste water discharge, industrial activity related to water use, river flows and ground water resources. The project also included marine water characteristics and climatic factors effecting the dynamics of the inland sea as a repository of a municipal and industrial waste water as well as fisheries, marine transportation and other topics relating to the marine and fresh water resources of the region. The project report was published as Water Use, Strait of Georgia - Puget Sound Basin, (map, 1:500,000 and insets), Land Use Planning Branch Environment Canada, Ottawa, 1973.

Georgia Strait Urban Region
A study of the extent and the processes of urbanization in the Vancouver-Victoria-Nanaimo region and the effect of urbanization on the land resources of the area. The project was undertaken for the Ministry of Urban Affairs and Environment Canada and, being similar to the previously described project, resulted in what may be referred to as a "one page atlas", a cartographic presentation of maps, text and graphs on a single sheet of paper designed for wall display. Published as Georgia Strait Urban Region, map, Ministry of State for Urban Affairs and Environment Canada, Ottawa, 1975.

Kitimat-Stikine Regional District - Regional Resource Inventory
A cartographic inventory of physical, social, economic, demographic and other characteristics of the Kitimat-Stikine Regional District which was required as a database to assist in resource management and in regional planning functions. The outcome of this project consisted of a wall map published in two sheets and a series of transparent overlays each dealing with a single resource topic. The map was published in 1979 and republished in 1981. Other components of that project were completed in 1979.

The map is now being updated and converted to digital to continue to serve as a document supporting the promotion of economic development in the Regional District. When the conversion and updating is completed, the map design and production files, together with the map copyrights, will be given to the Regional District to run with the project in the future.

Energy Resources of British Columbia
A study of the energy resources of British Columbia undertaken in cooperation with the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and subsequently copublished with the assistance of BC Hydro. This work describes the conventional sources of energy in BC and complements the presentation by elaborating on the alternate energy resources including solar, wind, wood, microhydro, geothermal, tidal and wave energy. The map was intended to serve mostly as an information document for the general public and as a curriculum aid within the BC formal education system. The map was published as Energy Resources of British Columbia in 1982 and republished in 1991.

Native land claims mapping
Inventorying and presentation of cultural and natural resources of the Gitksan and Wet'suwet'en territories prepared as court evidence material and submitted to the Supreme Court of British Columbia as evidence during the land claim proceedings of Delgam Uukw v. the Queen in the late 1980s. The final project was an atlas consisting of 27 maps and Gitksan and Wet'suwet'en and English gazetteers.

Silvics textbook
A 188 page 8.5"x 11" silvics textbook consisting of 40 maps mostly at 1:8million scale showing the distribution of tree species in British Columbia, exhaustive text on the topic, a CD with visual material supporting the text and the maps and a folded map of the Biogeoclimatic Zones of British Columbia 1:2million. This is a prescribed text at the Forest Sciences Department at the University of British Columbia, at the University of Northern British Columbia and at some regional colleges. The current edition The Distribuion and Synopsis of Ecological and Silvical Characteristics of Tree Species of British Columbia's Forests was published in January of 2000.

Green Electricity Resources of British Columbia
See project description on page 2 of this website



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