We are creating a corporate partnership that will consist of external companies and an internal group of cartomaticists and managers. The internal group will be assigned 10% of the equity in the new corporation and will be limited to ten people.

We expect to start operations later in 2004 and would be pleased to receive an expression of interest from any suitably qualified person.

The potential incumbents will have a degree in measurement science, engineering or geography with an interest and training in cartomatics, GIS or related spatial science specialities. A graduate degree or an additional training in computer science and technology would be an advantage.

Suitable candidates will have at least five years of experience in mapping, map design and production with at least two years in a supervisory position. They will be familiar with both the ESRI and the Bentley/Intergraph mapping software.

The initial task for the group will focus on preparing pilot/prototype atlases of six BC urban centres and embedding that experience in a design and production manual. After this initial effort, the group will take on research, compilation and editing functions and liaison with the corporate partner that will be entrusted with the data structuring and cartographic production tasks.

You may email your statement of interest together with your CV in confidence to canmap@canmap.com marked "statement of interest".



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