Canadian Cartographics Ltd is a thematic cartography establishment that started operations as a consultant and now concentrates on being a map publisher. The firm was registered in Victoria, British Columbia, in 1971 and was created in response to apparent demand for a private sector operation with a capability to design and create maps as scientific documents, as curriculum aids, and as documents intended for popular use.

During its 32-year history the firm has served many clients from federal government departments, provincial ministries, local and regional governments, universities and large private sector establishments. The firm started its own publication program in 1983 with a street map covering the Vancouver urban region. Since that time the Company has published over twenty titles made up of street maps and atlases, road and recreation maps and publications with engineering or scientific content. In 1998 the Company signed a License Agreement with the Province of British Columbia to update, produce, publish, and sell the entire hardcopy publication program of the Ministry of Environment that used to be administered by MapsBC. This program added 144 titles to our publication roster. The Company also had a License Agreement to publish and distribute the Ministry of Forests Forest Recreation series that consisted of 40 titles.

The Company operates within the field of geomatics but, because of our focus on mapping, we identify ourselves as cartomatacists and our discipline as cartomatics.

Our perception of cartomatics is that it is an applied science methodological discipline concerned with inventorying, analysis and communication of information with spatial characteristics. The Company is in business to publish or copublish maps using its research, analysis and map production capabilities.

In 2003 we are reincarnating into a new, higher order corporate entity many magnitudes above our traditional size. This new corporate entity will be a corporate partnership of firms with expertise and resources in addition to those of a thematic map publisher. This corporate group will consist of, in addition to us, a well established map production firm capable of very large volume production, a marketing and sales company with proven capability in marketing and sales of hardcopy advertising, and a well established commercial printer with mid-size web and sheet-fed presses.



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